People of Slovenia

Slovenian Midi's

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Everyone knows us by our song!!
"Vsak po pesmi nas pozna"



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Our words dance
to an inner music
sought by two hearts
but oh what music
t'is silent at the start

the joining of words
with feelings of pleasure
surrenders my will
to endless leisure

should we perchance
both find a way
there are not enough words
with which to play

=|=- Ven


Midi's Midi's Midi's

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Music, what magic it stirs, for it evokes memories of home,
 of childhood, a time of love and loving,
a time of loss, constantly taming the inner spirit,
albeit at times of happiness or great sorrow,
it has always been known to give
the enchantment needed for inner strength. 



"The echoes of an accordian playing, carried on the soft winds of the night, its haunting melody flows down the mountains slopes,

The music of Slovenia, which sing of fate, fortune and of people's deepest secrets and longings, and when the heart is willing, singing  also of love as only Slovenians can.

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 cas.   clarinet    lespomin    namostu   otocek

maricka   mamici    mojazena    mornar   roblek

zakratek   ostanimo   sloven   naroblek  prelgor

lespomin  nasvidenje    vrhplanin   zingamo   naavto

Midi's kindly supplied by Sandi Horvat :
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