Slovenian Language


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The Slovenian Language
An Era of Englightenment


The Slovenian Alphabet has twenty-five letters, it excludes the letters Q, W, X, Y  which is part of the english alphabet, but includes letters such as c ch sound as in cherry, s sh as in shoe, and z ge as in garage.
The Slovenian language is phonetic,  with very few exceptions, each letter has only one sound.
This makes reading and writing much easier than other languages.
Franc Preseren, scholar writer , whose skills  and expertise gave us the written word and is known among Slovenians as the father of our language.

Here are just a few examples of our language.


One en
Two dva
Three tri
Four stiri
Five pet
Six sest
Seven sedem
Eight osem
Nine devet
Ten deset
Twenty dvajset
Thirty trideset
Forty stirdeset
Fifty petdeset
Sixty sestdeset
Seventy sedemdeset
Eighty osemdeset
Ninety devetdeset
One hundred sto

Days of the Week

Sunday nedelja
Monday ponedeljek
Tuesday torek
Wednesday sreda
Thursday cetrtek
Friday petek
Saturday sobota

Seasons of the Year

Spring pomlad
Summer poletje
Autumn jesen
Winter zima
Day dan
Night noc
Evening vecer


Red redeco
Yellow rumeno
Blue modro
Green zeleno
Orange oranzno
White belo
Black crno
Purple vijolcasto
Brown rjavo


father oce
mother mati
grandma stara mama
grandpa stari ate
Aunt teta
Uncle stric
Brother brat
sister sestra


Everyday Expressions- Vsakdanji Izrazi

dobro jutro good morning
dober dan good day
dober vecer good evening
z bogom goodbye
kako kaj gre how are you
dobro in Vam good  and  you
najlepsa hvala many thanks


This is but a smattering of the language,
as it is  written  so it is spoken.
I shall be altering the various expressions used, and at a later stage shall also provide a wav file   with  the spoken word  making it easier to express and understand.
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